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U.S. - Mexico Rail-Ferry Service



CG Railway


CG Railway, LLC (CGR) provides premium services by operating two double-deck 590-foot roll-on / roll-off rail ferries, each with a capacity of 135 railcars. Leveraging its sister company, Central Gulf Railcar Services, LLC (CGRS) located near in Mobile, Alabama, offers warehousing, transloading and full railcar repair services.

CGR was established over 20 years ago as a Class III railroad to provide an efficient rail route between the United States, Canada and Central & Southern Mexico. Now a joint venture of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. and Seacor Holdings Inc., industry leaders in rail and maritime transportation. With CG Railway, you gain access to an innovative and leading transportation service company that offers superior bilingual customer support along with measurable service advantages:


Direct interchange in the U.S. railroads with AGR, ALE, CN, CSXT, NS and TASD (connecting to BNSF, KCS, MSE, UP and an array of other Class 1 and shortlines) and in Mexico with FSRR (connecting to FCCM / FIT, FXE, KCSM, and TFVM).

Flexibility to provide a Port-to-Port transit time in just 3 days.

In-house logistics expertise to help ensure ease of doing business door-to-door across the border.

Bypass congestion and delays when shipping freight over the border.

Easy and fast customs clearance process, as the majority of shipments are pre-cleared before arrival.

Minimal exposure to pilferage while in transit on the Gulf of Mexico.

​Railcars are stationary for 1,912 miles (roundtrip), reducing private equipment maintenance and mileage costs.

​We look forward to understanding your needs and exploring how CGR's reliable service product will enhance your supply chain.

Please contact us to learn more details.

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