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Shipping with CGR

Shipping with CGR is easy.  Our knowledgeable commercial and customer service teams will work together to make your shipping experience effortless.  We will guide you and your team every step of the way. Whether it is your first time shipping cross-border or your team is experienced, our experts will make it as simple and smooth as possible. 

If this is your first time shipping with CGR, the following six steps will help guide you through the process:

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1. Rate Inquiry & Pricing

A price authority document is required before shipping.  You can submit your project details via CGR Quote Request or contact our Commercial team to start the process.

Once the rate is reviewed and accepted, the completion of Rail Shipping Instructions will be needed to receive a Publising or Rate Authority.


4. Credit Application

​If CGR is collecting the freight, you must complete a credit application, unless you opt to move cargo on a cash basis; which requires pre-payment upon arrival at the port.

Please complete the Credit Application Form and email it to:


2. Select Customs Brokers

Shipments are subject to international trade laws.  Mexico requires the Mexican importer or exporter company to use a licensed customs broker with a patente and physically located in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.

The U.S. importer must have a licensed U.S. Customs broker to file the ISF and handle the import.


5. Kick-Off Meeting

We are committed to providing superior service beginning with the first load.Your account manager will schedule a kick-off meeting so the teams can meet with all parties involved once shipments are ready to commence, ensuring a seamless experience. 


3. Draft Shipping Instructions

A drafted shipping instructions will help  accelerate the shipping process, expedite customs clearance and we can guide you with proper billing so it classes correctly with all participating railroads.

Please download the corresponding and email the completed form to your Account Manager.


6. Loading & Documentation

For the safety of your product and our personnel, railcars must be loaded and secured according to AAR standards. For guidance, please visit the AAR website or contact the Damage Prevention group of your serving railroad.

Pending on where the railcar originates, we can guide you on the documentation process for a seamless single rail waybill to match the finalized Shipping Instructions

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